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Friday, 30 July 2010

Bits and Bobs from Accessorize (and a few other things thrown in)

Evening ladies

Thought i would do a little postet whilst I wait for my yummy Thai takeaway to be delivered (having a mega food weekend this weekend) naughty, naughty!! lol

I have got quite obsessed with Accessorize at the moment. They have far to many cute things which is becoming slightly addictive!!! Neway I had bought quite a few bits in the sales over the last month and not got around to posting so thought better late than never. Found that the sales were fantastic this year and I needed to back out of the shops before I had to remortgage my house.....

So without further ado this is what I bought:

Accessorize - everything here was in the sale and most of it was half price so I was a very happy lady

Next - how much of a bargain was this watch £7

Next Cuff bracelets - £5

Primark - Can you believe this was £1

So there you have it a few little things to add to my HUGE jewellery collection which is actually getting out of hand if I am honest lol

Did anyone else get anything good in the sales this year?

t xx

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

My sandals have arrived....

Good evening lovely ladies

Firstly I did not have the best day today but after my 2 hour and 15 min journey home from work (don't ask) I was not in the best of moods.

Funny how my mood suddenly lifted quickly as my neighbour called out "Tracy I have a parcel for you" hehe.

I skipped indoors and all I can say is my love for sandals went into overdrive as I unwrapped these little beauties. As some you may know I have been on a mega mission to get these (they are simiar to the Hazy sandals from TopShop) and the lovely Jean from Warpaint sent me a link to a US site where they had them.

Firstly I have to say YES they are similar (I am a true nightmare, if I love something i have to have more than one). Secondly I am suddenly very into pearls and bows!!! (I am very much a fad person)!

So without further ado here are the pics


Please excuse my FAT little toes!!! What is that lol

I have been super impressed with this site. I ordered them late Thursday night and they have taken less than a week to get here. Shipping is not cheap but it never is from the US and these worked out including shipping about £20 a pair so I thought that was pretty good. Also one of the biggest pluses for me is that I did not get charged customs which is really unusual for US shopping sites.

If you likey these and want to purchase them, this is the site. They have lots of lovely cute things especially shoes and I will def use them again

Let me know what you think
t xxx
HUGE thank you and huggys to Jean for helping me out

Friday, 23 July 2010

Cheeky little holiday to Salou

Hey guys

Well as some of you know I just got back from a lovely little holiday in Salou in Spain with one of my BFF's Sarah. I know this is not a beauty/fashion post as such but I thought I would post anyway. I was really stressed as my camera was playing up and wanted to do some OOTD pics but they kept going all fuzzy and in the end I got cross and could not be bothered. Also over the last couple of holidays I have noticed that peeps are a lot more casual so did not end up wearing most of my nice NEW dressy stuff which was annoying.

So enough of me banging on here are a couple of little pics for you if you are even slightly interested lol:

Our hotel was called the Magnolia in Salou and it was a boutique hotel for adults. It was very niceeeeeee:

Our room - this pic def does not do it justice

Freebieesssss - we likey

Our fantastic pool bar, how cool is that. Also check out the old movies projected on the walls

Ahhh the beach

Sarah and I - I think this is our 12th holiday together - I wonder how long we will keep doing this. I think we will end up like the Golden Girls lol

Stupidly large cocktails with a firework hanging out of them!

At pool bar

Last night - make it a chilled one

Going on holiday to Florida in October with hubby which is my fave place in the world :o). I am holiday mad so let me know where your fave places are.....

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

I need these sandals - HELP

Hi guys

This is a cry for help as I NEED these sandals!!!! I know this is very cheeky but as you ladies know your fashion and shopping I thought it was worth a shot.

They were called Hazy and they were from Topshop but it seems the whole world has sold out (I tried lots of branches) out :o(. However I saw a girl wearing them and she said she got them from Dagenham market in Essex so I know they must sell them somewhere else.

I think I have searched every site going, from ebay (they have the odd second hand pair), ebid, Etsy and all the fashion and shoe stores you can imagine. So please in my final quest to get them can someone help me pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

t xxx

Topshop Hazy

A wholesaler pic in somewhere in Taiwan that never got back to me :o(

All I want is a little pair in size 5 in either black or cream - not a big ask :o(

As you can see I am a woman on a mission lol.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Crest whitening strips review

Hey ladies

Firstly I must apologise for my lack of posts. I have had a mad busy few weeks and last week went to Salou in Spain with my BFF Sarah for a week of chillin in the preedyyyy sunshine, eating lots of naughty food and of course having a few drinkie drinks (followed closely by a few evil hangovers)!! hehe

NEWay after my nice relaxing week it is back to the grindstone of life! I thought I would do my first post about the Crest whitening strips.

I will be honest I used these a couple of years ago when I got married and I used the Premier (may have a new name now) and I really did notice the difference.

However my friend sent me the standard Classic ones from the US and I dug them out as I had them for a while and they were good but not as good as the Premier ones. Saying that a girl at work commented on my teeth looking white when I tried a new lip gloss so someone did actually notice.

The idea is you have 2 strips (1 top and 1 bottom) and pop them on your teethy pegs for 30 mins at a time, twice a day for 2 weeks. You can do them straight after each other which is good as there is no way I would be able to cope at 4:50am (yes I get up a stupid o'clock for work).

Opinion: For a cheap way of doing the whole whitening thing I don't think they are bad. Definately worth a go if you are on a budget but do try the more advanced kits. I don't think they can be like getting it done for real but as I have not done that I can't comment. However I do plan to do within the next month or so, so will let you know.

Here is a site of where you can purchase them:

I would personally go on ebay and shop around.....

Let me know if you have tried them or if you fancy giving them a shot

t xxx

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Birthday haul

Ello ello

Well I have finally got around to posting my birthday haul. I am off on holiday on Sat so for my birthday I was given money by my generous hubby and family so I could take a little trip to Bluewater and a few other places lol to purchase some goodies for my hols. I feel like I have seriously gone mental!!!!!

So I wont go on!! (makes a change). This is what I bought.....

First up jewellery

I got this to go with my white dress (in a previous haul) as it will look like part of the dress I hope!! lol

This little lot are are all the rest from Accessorize and a couple of these things are in the sale. Bugger!!!!!

New Look
Sorry about this pic had a mare taking this pic but they are on my wish list if you want to see properly

New Look

Now for clothes :o)

New Look
I know this random but thought it may be good for the beach or under low tops!!!

I have wanted some shorts with gold buttons but these were cute and a nice fit around my large buttocks lol

I know this is really boring but I think it may be a good staple and it was like £8 I think


I am a nightmare, if I like something I get every colour, I already have this in a butterfly style lol

Miss Selfridge
Again just a cute casual top not much to say about it lol

I really really wanted this dress and it was in the sale from £65 to £45 so mega happy.
(This was the dress in my first OOTD)

I found this in an outlet place, it was the last one and I love it soooo cute and it was like £18 so mega chuffed (I know probably so last season darling lol)


I have been after some gold wedges for ages and just stumbled upon these. I am well pleased and also found a discount code online so got £5 off RESULT

I lovveeeeeeeeee this bag. £14 as well which I thought was excellent value

Finally a beach bag which is preeedyyy and colourful

So there you have it....

I also got some things from Lush and Nails Inc and naughtily I went to the Accessorize sale today (mistake) so will post those went I get back from my hols as I badly need my beddy.
This will be my last post before my holiday but will have lots to tell you when I get back
Hope you likey
t xxx

Monday, 5 July 2010

OOTD - My birthday with the girlies

Hey my little ladies

Well as I mentioned a few times!!! it was my birthday last week and the girlies and I hit the town with a few drinkie drinks so I thought I would post a couple of pics of what I wore

This is my v first OOTD post (strangely nervous)!!! but hopefully wont be the last

This is MEEEEE in one of my latest purchases a dress from Lipsy. I have wanted this for ages and was really pleased as it was reduced from £65 to £45 so mega happy. My shoes (see other pic below) are from Miss Selfridge....

The girls - just a little intro to everyone. Left to right......

Teresa, Sarah, Nicky, Moi (the short one lol), Rachel and Lisa

and their you have it. I am off on holiday at the weekend so hopefully if you like this post I will pop on lots of OOTD cos I lots of lovely new things to show you :o)

t x

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Butterfly Twists

Hey guys

Sorry I have been so naughty lately with the whole posting thing. It was my birthday during the week and I have been mega busy. (most of which involved, shops, eating, Eclipse, alcohol and the girls lol).

So I wanted to do a little post on these bad boys. Have you heard of Butterfly Twists?????

Well they are these little fold up shoes that you pop in your rather large clutch bag!!! We took another bag out especially for the purpose of carrying these little shoes, so when your feet can take no more you change into them.

Well my feet did last until 2am so not bad but could not take the pain anymore. I saw many girls tottering around and looking in agony or others walking barefoot. My friend and I smugly strolled along in our pairs of hideous ballet pumps but boy did they do the trick.

I have to say I think they are not bad. They are ugly and you need room for them hence the huge clutch bag comment but def saved my night. I only wore them as I walked into the kebab shop but it was enough, don't think you would see me strutting my stuff in them!!! lol

I got mine on ebay for about £4 including postage but I have seen them on line for £17


I have to say they were nicely packaged and they they arrived in a cute box and a little bag. The bag is a tad useless though....

So what do you think, would you get a pair of these or would you rather wander around in your bear feet!!! lol