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Sunday, 30 January 2011

I heart Spa.....

Hey ladies

Well I was one lucky lady my best friend Nicky decided to treat me to a cheeky spa day at the Aqua Sana Spa Elveden Forest which is within the Center Parcs complex. This is one of the four locations for the Aqua Sana Spa's (Elveden, Sherwood, Longleat and Whinfell) so check out the one nearest to you.

I have been lucky enough to visit quite a few spa's in my time and this is my second time to this particular spa and I have to say WOW it just blows any others out of the water.

(Photo from Aqua Sana website)

This is what our Spa day included which was £60 each:

Full use of spa with robes and slippers
Breakfast (coffee and muffin) at Zilli cafe
Lunch (sandwich and drinkie) at Zilli cafe
Facial, back, neck and shoulder massage with hot stones
10% off voucher off any products

I also had to have a mani which was £40 and Nicky had a pedi which was also £40.

I think there are 15 different areas to try from water beds, spa pool and fantastic rooms such as the relaxing meditation room and Japanese salt steam room. Everything is worth trying and it is so chilled and quiet, I even had a little nap lol.

For the treatments these are the products used:

Leighton Denny - Nails
I have always wanted to have my nails done professionally with these products as I love them so much. I swear by the crystal nail file and base coat and have a huge number of his colours. My mani was fantastic and I will have to change it before it chips because I can't see the polish going anywhere. I also had to take advantage of the 10% off voucher and purchased a couple of polishes which I will show you below hehe.

I loveeeeeeeeee Decleor products. I alternate between these and Liz Earle and swear by them. Even though I use these products on a regular basis my skin felt amazing. The hot stones were fantastic. I know they normally use Elemis but I specifically asked for Decleor as I know my skin is a fan.

Like I said above I choose Decleor because my skin does not really get on well with Elemis for some reason. My mate had the treatment with Elemis and was like WOW when we came out.

As you can see I clearly love this spa and will definitely be returning as soon as I have some spare pennies. There are tons of different packages from spa days to staying over and I know the prices have changed since my friend booked it. If you want to check it out go to:

I only bought 2 nail polishes (are you impressed) and they are ones I have wanted for a while. They are not what I would normally use as they are shimmery pastels which I am generally not a fan of. But ahhh all is not what it seems as I wanted these to what Leighton says "Cocktail" with.

I purchased:
Show off - A shimmery, sparkly pink
Butterfly wings - Probably one of his most famous polishes, this is also very shimmery but watch what happens....

So for this I just used Nails Inc London Nights which is a jet glossy black and painted these two colours over the top.

Left to right:
London nights, Butterfly wings, Show off

Left - London nights on it's own
Centre - London nights with Butterfly wings
Right - London nights with Show off

What a transformation eh. You can use this alone or over so many colours but I think they are a real staple to add to any collection. Leighton Denny polishes are a professional brand so run about £11.50 each so are a bit pricey but you do get what you pay for.

You can purchase these products from:

QVC also sell them along with Decleor and Elemis - oh and make sure you watch on Thursday 3rd February as Leighton Denny will have a TSV which means a very very low price on a brand new kit for that one day only so make sure you check it out...

If you would like to see swatches of these colours on their own let me know. Of if you want to any other info about the spa again just ask :o).

t xxx

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Lux addiction case

Hey guys

Just a quick review for you for my fantastic Lux Addiction case.

Well as you can see from that statement I LOVE this case!!! lol

I purchased the 375 case for the iphone 4

I have been toying with purchasing one of these since the summer as they are pretty pricey but after all the shall I shan't I I finally decided to to go for it. Well I was not disappointed and have to say WOW this case is stunning. I was a bit concerned about the fit as the ones I have had in the past for the iphone 4 have not been so good. Well this fit like a glove and clicked nicely into place. The quality and design is amazing. I have had alot of phone cases in the past but I have to say not one of them is in the same league as this. The crystals and the butterflies are amazing and you definitely get what you pay for.

The cost of this case was $79.99 but I was lucky as firstly I found a discount code which actually worked and secondly I asked for it to be sent to my lovely friend Jen who lives in the states and she shipped it over to me so I did not have to pay so much in postage. You are also sent a little bag of spare crystals in case any fall off which is a nice touch.

I would definitely not hesitate to purchase another one of these. I really wanted a Hello Kitty case but they have taken them off the site for some reason. Hopefully they will get them back in stock soon.

Would love to know if you have one of these
t xx

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

A couple of cheeky accessories

Happy Sunday everyone

It has probably become rather clear by now that I am obsessed with accessories. Especially jewellery and shoes. I get so excited when I find little bits and bobs to add to my stupidly large collection.

So I thought I would show you a few items that I have picked up over the last 2 months. I will post all the links at the bottom.

Firstly we have shoes:

Faith - £32.50
Faith is no longer with us but Debhamans still stock some of there items. As per my twitter posts I have been on a mission to get some black going out shoes for a while. I really have trouble with black shoes for some reason. I think it is because I love pretty sparkly things and black shoes always seem such a boring purchase. Well these are rather pretty and sparkly- oh and black lol

Linzi shoes - Orsola £27.00
I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee these so much but boy are they high. These are definitely a car to bar shoe approx 5 half inch! I so wish the designers will take it down an inch or 2!

Now for jewellery. I am obsessed with rings so you will see quite a few here lol

Fantasy Jewelery Box - £30ish I think (had a discount code and it is from the U.S)
I saw this on YouTube and the lovely Carly Cristman had it on. I had to have it. It is WOW and truly stunning. It also came with some clip on earrings so apologies for not showing them. This pic does so not do it justice.

Miss Selfridge - £10
Just thought this was so cute and dainty. I purchased a ring from Avon (see below that is very similar)

QVC - approx £17
Gossip watches are QVC's own watch brand. They are nice quality watches are a very low prices. I wanted a rose gold watch for ages and could not pass this one up. I need to get the strap made smaller but I think it is a really expensive looking watch for the money.

Accessorize - £3
This was in the sale and soooo cute.

QVC - Butler & Wilson - £35
This was an Xmas pressie and I love it. It is sooo preddyyyyy.

Primark - £2.50
WOW bargain. I have not had a great bargain in Primarni for ages so was well chuffed with this.

Avon - £5
How well does this match the Miss Selfridge bracelet and without even trying. Was very pleased with this because I did not realise until I had them both together.

So their you have it, a few different bits and bobs I have recently purchased. Let me know what you think and show me any new things you have recently purchased.


t xx

Chanel baby.... YEAH!!!

Hey ladies

Just wanted to show you my very extravagant purchase. If you saw my wish list these babies were on the top of it. They are the Chanel 5171 in violet. How cute are they with the lovely little bows on the side. Loveeeeeeeeeee them.

Now I am not one to blow money on one large purchase but firstly I had some pennies for Xmas and secondly I had wanted these for months.

How major is the packaging - you can feel the quality

I have never had expensive sunglasses before but you can really feel the difference

Bows sooooo cute

I purchased them from:

After much routing around I managed to pick them up for £126 (found a £10 discount code RESULT, if you use this site make sure you complete the form which will email you a discount code). Instead of the huge price tag of £185+ actually I have seen them even more expensive than that.

I was pretty impressed with fashioneyewear. I was told that if you use these for any Chanel sunglasses you have to call them to make your order. Apparently companies are not allowed to sell them online as you don't get that personal service and after looking at many web sites they all seemed the same.
A couple of small gripes were, I asked for them to be sent to my work address and they came to my home address which on this occasion was fine. Also I got the confirmation email on the day I received them so make sure you ask for an order number when you place your order.

All in all I was very happy with the service and price and if I were to purchase another pair of designer glasses I would definitely use them again. I absolutely love my sunnies. Now all I need is some sun so I can wear them hehe

t xx

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Another sad post :o(

Hey ladies

I just wanted to share a small sad little post with you which is non beauty/fashion related.

I had to say goodbye to another kitty of mine on Sunday. My little Baby Boo was 17 and was very poorly so we had to take her to the vets and have her put to sleep.

As you can imagine we were so upset but we knew it was for the best as it turned out she had a tumour in her belly so she was a very sick little girl.

This was even more horrible as we had to have another kitty Bam Bam put to sleep less than 2 months ago.

I have 1 more little girl left, Pebbles which you can imagine I wont let out of my sight.

I like to think my little babies are waiting for us in Rainbow Bridge:
Rainbow bridge link (Warning: if you love your pets this will make you cry)

Baby Boo

Bam Bam story

R.I.P with Bam Bam little Boo

We love you and miss you

t xxx

Thursday, 13 January 2011

What's wrong with this picture???

Hi ladies

Just a silly post. My best mate Nicky and I attended my Xmas work party and I had to share this pic!!!

I did not notice anything wrong with this picture until I got called a lot of evil names.... When I realised I pmsl.

I am the one on the left - can you spot it hehe:

Outfits in case you wanted to know:

Dress - TFNC
Shoes - Linzi shoes
Earrings - Miss Selfridge

Dress - ASOS
Shoes - Schuh

t xxx

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Avon nail polish review

Hey ladies

Just a quick post about a couple of Avon polishes I purchased recently. I had a few Avon polishes a few years ago and to be honest did not really like them very much and was not really bothered about trying any others....

However whilst leafing through 3 different Avon catalogues I happened upon these babies:
Left to right

Golden wine
Golden twilight
Grey as cement

Matte range

I only choose 2 out of the 5 of these to see if I liked them. I have only worn 1 of them so far and I was a little cheat as I used a top coat as I heard they chip like mad and was going out and did not want to risk it.

Violetta - this is my fave out the 4 polishes. Even though it is a matte polish it has a kind of peal/shimmer type of effect which I have never seen in a matte polish before (the swatch above is more clear.

Grey as cement - This is just your standard matte grey. I have not actually worn this yet but from swatches and did a little swatch with a top coat it looks really nice. A nice staple to add to any collection.

Nailwear Pro Enamel range

Golden twilight
This is a fantastic colour and I don't think I don't have anything like this in my collection. It is a dark chocolate brown with golden shimmers running through it.

Golden wine
Finally a lovely reddy/orangey polish with gold shimmers running through it. This again is not like anything else I own and extremely pretty.

So overall opinion of these polishes is very good. They are super cheap and I think I got mine for like £3 each as they have offers all the time. I do think the brushes are a little bulky but for £3 what do you expect. If you would like to check out these polishes visit:


...or you may have a lovely Avon lady that visits you.

Let me know what you think and if you have tried any polishes from this range.

t xx

Monday, 3 January 2011

January 2011 wish list

Evening my little ladies

Well as it is a new year I thought it rude not to do a little wish list!!!

I have not added many things as I am not sure what is about lately but these are a couple of things I have been lusting after for a little while.

I will be honest I have been a tad naughty and some of these items are on order so some of them will be lovingly making there way to my home shortly!

So without further ado this is my mini wish list:
1.Nails Inc 5 Piece Metallics Must Haves Collection
2. Nails Inc 4 Piece Denim Collection
3. Guess fancy bag
4. Guess fancy wallet
5. Lux addiction i4 phone cover
6. Benefit Bella Bamba
7. Yves Saint Laurent Arty ring
8. Chanel 5171 violet sunnies
9. NARS products

Here are some of the sites of where you can purchase some of these bad boys:

Nails inc
These 2 sets are currently on QVC. I don't think you can get these anywhere else at the moment http://www.nailsinc.com/

Lux addiction iphone case
I have ordered one of these and my good friend Jen in the states is in the process of sending it to me :o)

Guess bag/wallet
Again naughty me, I have ordered both of these from Macy's and the lovely Jen is also going to be sending these over

Benefit cosmetics/NARS
My BFF has just come back from Vegas and has got me this (not seen her yet), what a lovely friend :o)
I have tried a couple of NARS items and love them so this is definitely something I want to try more of this year

Chanel sunglasses
NAUGHTY ME!!! I have seen these on loads of lovely youtube ladies and lusted after them for ages. I had some Xmas money and decided to go for it. I have never, ever spent this much on one item before but I loved these so much. I found this site and they are so much cheaper. Plus if you register you get a further £10 off. These should arrive any day now so full review when they arrive :o) After all needed I needed new sunnies to go with the new car (now that is a woman’s logic hehe)

Yves Saint Laurent Ring
I want this ring soooo bad. I think this is like Marmite you either love it or loath it. This is currently out of stock in my size on every site I can find, I have contacted so many places so fingers crossed they will come back in stock. Hopefully I may be able to lay my hands on this in the not so distance future hehe!!!

So there you have it my little wish list. As soon as these little goodies arrive I will do a haul of them.

Let me know what is on your wish list

t xx

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Nails Inc 4 piece Autumn/Winter collection

HAPPY NEW YEAR - Hope you all had a lovely evening and your hangovers are starting to disappear!!!!

So the new years resolution begins of trying to do 2 posts a week!!!

So going to start with another favourite nail polish brand NAILS INC. I have so many of these polishes (see old posts for other colours) and they are constantly adding new and funky colours to the range. All the colours are named after streets in London and many of them are limited edition so if you likey don't leave it - BUY THEM as they may not be around forever.

Nails Inc Autumn/Winter collection (Picture from http://www.qvcuk.com/)

My little set


Again want to apologise for the swatches as I did them really quickly so they are very sloppy!!

Lowdens Square - lilac mink
This is my favourite colour and I it would be in my top all time fave 5 polishes. If you like Parlez vous OPI then you will love this.

Duke of Wellington Place - charcoal grey
Another great colour. I have lots of greys and always find they are great if you find black a little to harsh.

Queensgate Mews - glossy black grape
Another wicked colour, again this reminds me of OPI Lincoln Park. Definitely one to be in any collection.

Palace Garden Terrace - rich mocha
I have not got many browns but this is such a wearable shade, it is like a deep milky chocolate brown.

Like I said I have ALOT of Nails Inc polishes but this is one of my all time favourite kits. If you love your cosy winter dark colours then this kit is for you. The quality of these polishes are great, again I always use top/base coat and 2 coats of polish to give it's full depth of colour.

Mine was purchased from http://www.qvcuk.com/. You can also buy this from http://www.nailsinc.com/ and I know http://www.asos.com/ had this set as well. It was approximately £25 which is a good deal as Nails Inc polishes are about £10 each....

QVC have a couple of shows today so check them out. If you miss them they have little video clips to show you what the colours look like. They also offer a 30 day money back refund if you don't like them which is fantastic....

t xxx