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Hi guys welcome to my blog. This is for anyone who has a slight obsession with nail polish! From new products, reviews and swatches. As well as nail polish I love anything girly such as jewellery, cosmetics, fashion and of course shoes. If you are a girly girl please feel free to check it out t x

Monday, 31 May 2010

Curling my hair using the YOGI wand

First off I am going to say I HATE my hair, like I really hate it!! Yes tis true and for years this has bee a HUGE issue to me to the point I got upset when I used to go out as my hair is really fine and just looked pants all the time. So 18 months ago I thought enough was enough and got bonded hair extensions. This changed my life and I love them and never looked back... I won't go on about my extensions but if you do want to know about them please feel free to ask.

Moving on. The reason for this post is I curl my hair every day and recently purchased my Yogi wand. I had 3 girls come up to me over 2 days to ask who done my hair so thinking it did not look that bad I decided to do some before and afters for you.....

So here goes firstly the wand. I purchased it from QVC item 432818, it was £51 + p&p. I also got it over 2 easy payments which is really good and if I did not get on with it within 30 days it could returned for a full refund (excluding p&p costs). All very big pluses for me....

This is how it arrived, I choose the Zebra print as it looked funky. The wand came with it's own glove which you MUST use believe me and a travel mat which is excellent as you can put the hot wand in there and roll it up. Genius!!!

The wand - cool and funky looking

Glove to stop burning your little fingers

Wand slots nicely into the little heat proof pouch

This is a product I could not do without. I have tried a zillion curly products and this is fantastic Umberto Giannini Natural Curls Styling Spray. I always use a hair protector/leave in conditioner and then add this as well. I only use a few little sprays to keep in lovely and curly...

BEFORE - I don't like wearing my extensions straights as I feel like a witch. My hair is looking very wispy here as it needs pulling up again and new hair adding so it is normally alot thicker than this

AFTER - Curly wirly hair. I have been curling my hair since I have had extensions so I am pretty fast. I can do my curls in less than 10 mins and got used to using the Yogi wand pretty quickly, I whizzed through on the 3rd go. I will be honest and do tend to use my old wand to just do the ends as they are hard to get with Yogi

So what do you think? I personally thought it would not be that good but the curls stay in all day and never drop. When I wake up it is still mega curly but have to wash it again cos my pants hair goes all greasy. In my mind this was a TOP purchaseeee me likey lots.....

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Jewellery faves - Necklaces

Morning my lovely ladies - well today I thought I would start with the little fad I am into at the moment (I tend to have fads quite alot lol) are cute little necklaces. I generally wear large chunky jewellery (see rings) but I just love these....

These little necklaces. The first 3 on the left are from ebay. The seller has her own shop http://www.choochiechoo.com/ and she has some mega cute stuff. Cupcake from ASOS and the Cupcake name on the end is from Accessorize.

I am SOOOO into little flowers right now and have them on everything (see phone cover lol).

I need another silver necklace to wear with my postcard as I think they look cute layered.

I bought these little filo flowers from ebay and they have little holes in so I can make my own charms to add to my necklaces. I really cheap and easy way to add to my little collection just make sure you have pins and rings so you can thread them on.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Fave things

Hey guys

Another little bling/kitsch/gaudy lol item for you is my phone cover.

I get asked alot where I got this and to be honest I know this is either a love or hate item!!!. I have had this for 4 months now and it is pretty grubby but it has really lasted really well as I have dropped it loads of time and it has really protected my phone. I will definitely get a new one soon as I am due to change my phone.

I got this on ebay for like £10. If you likey let me know and I will dig out the sellers name t x

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Lust List - May

Hi guys

Thought I would do a little mini wish list of things I have seen of late that I would not mind owning. I am going away to Spain soon for a cheeky little week with my mate so want to get a couple of new cute outfits. I am sure there are loads more but here is a little taster of things I could be purchasing.....

Bow shoes - Chockers
I love things with bows on and I really love these shoes. I don't need them but I do want them hehe

Face shoes - Topshop
These are wicked and soooo me. Totally out there and mental looking I think I need these hehe

Dress - Forever unique
This is so pretty but it is alot of money so this is one that may stay on the wish list...

Dress - Lipsy
I tried this on and it is one that looks alot better on. This little bad boy may be coming with me.

Dress - Lipsy
This again is so pretty but not tried it, may have a little order but Lipsy comes out with wicked stuff all the time

Cuff - Bags of Sparkle
I love this so much, i really wanted a chunky studded cuff to go with my white dress so I think I will be ordering this (see May haul) and this is perfect

Ice Cream necklace - Boohoo
This is way cute, I am a sucker for anything cupcakey/icecreamy so this may have to be ordered. Boohoo is such a good website as well

Lipsy cuff - Lipsy
Another item from Lipsy. They have so many cool things this year and there jewellery has got better and better

Butler & Wilson clutch - QVC
This is fab and sooooo pretty but it is pretty pricey. I know it is currently out of stock which is probably a good thing hehe

Nail polish sets - Eyeko
I could not finish my wishlist without some cool and funky nail polishes. I have had my eye on these for ages now so come pay day they will be mine lol

What do you think? I will let you know what I end up getting. So don't need shoes!!! but hey who needs shoes lol ....
t x

Friday, 21 May 2010

Nails Inc - Allure Collection

Hi guys

What a beautiful sunny day and it is finally the weekend so here I am with a glass of vino whilst chatting about lots of pretty things. First up my fave nail polish :o)

My Nails Inc Allure Collection arrived. I have to say at first I thought this is going back as I have similar polishes in my collection. Anyway when I tried them I thought these are definitely staying as they are so pretty and I would wear them all.

Palace Mews - This was my fave in the collection it is such a pretty lilac shade. For those of you that know the Models Own collection this is very similar to there lilac dreams which is a fave of mine.

Dorset Mews - Again another pretty colour it is a very wearable baby pink. I find some baby pinks a bit to light for my skin tone and can make me look a bit dead, but this is lovely.

Grosvenor Crescent - This was a nightmare to photograph and this pic looks nothing like the real thing. A better pic is the one at the top. This is a stunning fuchsia pink a definate staple for summer, especially on tootsies.

Eaton Terrace - I had nothing like this in my collection, this was a brick red but really nice.

Wilton Crescent - Finally a deep sexy red. This is extremely wearable which can be hard to come by in a red. This has a bluey tone and more of a cherry colour - lush

So this is the one I decided to wear - PALACE MEWS - beautiful a top fave for summer :o) x

Thursday, 20 May 2010

St Moriz fake tan review

Well I have been playing with little bottle of fake tan for 3 days now and as promised here is my review.
First thing I will say that it is great value and cost about £5.50 and the bottle is BIG! There is definitely at St Tropez feel to the whole thing which I liked. Also like St Tropez it is SCARY when it comes out. I actually took a little photo of a little of it on my hand but I have not posted it as it actually looked a little like pooh!!! lol call me childish I did find rather funny.

Sorry moving back on.....

It did apply pretty well and it was easy to rub in. I tend to use a everyday moisturising fakey underneath (my fave is Piz Buin) just so it applies better as I do have dry skin. However I also did do it without and it was fine. I always do mine before bed and shower in the morning. Once you have showered you will see that it is not as dark as when you apply it so def give it a good amount of time to develop as it wont be the true colour. They recommend at least 4 hours.

The result - A nice looking soft tan. A few people have mentioned that I look brown. I do tend to slap on fake tan and am not generally scared of it and try lots of them. I would definitely recommend this and it will go in my repeat purchase list..... x

Nails Inc - Haymarket

Just a quickie post about Nails Inc Haymarket. This is one of the very many pistachio pastel greens that are around at the moment. I have to say it is very wearable and I had lots of people saying (even my hubby) that they liked my polish. This again was 2 coats with my fave SV top coat. When I took this photo it had been on for 3 days so started to chip which most polishes tend to do to me as I am not the best painter but it does not bother me as I love to change them all the time. You can check out loads of Nails Inc polishes at http://www.qvcuk.com/ x

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Mini fashion and beauty haul - May 2010

St Moriz fake tan - Wanted to try this for some time as I read about it on Imogen's blog 'BubbleDreams' It was about £5.50 and looks very similar in packaging to St Tropez. Will do a full review on this in a couple of days.

Sanctuary facial products - Had a bit of a result with this. If you spent £7 you got a free toner, facial wash and wipes. I only managed to get the wash and toner as they had run out of wipes as the offer had been on for a while. The woman in Boots was as useful as a chocolate teapot and had no interest in looking for me so I asked someone else who did actually investigate only to tell me that they had run out. Considering the freebies were about £6 each I think it was still worth it. I will be honest I am Liz Earle and Declore girl but wanted a little change. This is not bad especially that I only paid £11 (I bought the moisturiser) for all 3 but I did not think was the same league as the more expensive ranges. It made my skin slightly dry and the moisturiser was more runny than I am used to but overall not bad.

Fake eyelashes - Just a couple of sets of the more subtable styles as the larger ones don't suit me.

Sally Hansen Lip Inflation - This is the BEST gloss ever. I am a total nude gloss gal and I love this one. It has a lovely cooling tingly feel when it goes on and pumps up your lips without hurting. Think this was about £4 and you can get it on ebay. I got it from a small cosmetics shop.

All this bits i got for £15 which was not bad. The shop (sorry can't remember the name) threw in a free brush.

Horsey top - Matalan

Cherub top - Matalan

Butterfly top - Apricot

So that is my mini haul. You may think all I do is shop but i had a couple of days off from work and thought I would spend my time doing what I love SHOPPING :o) I really wanted the Eyeko nail polishes but Superdrug did not do them so I guess I will have to order them online.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

3 things about me

I read this post on another blog "ThinkPinkPeople" and thought this was a nice way to introduce yourself especially if your blogs are really new like mine.

Three nicknames I go by:
Bun (my best mate calls me that)
Mini (I used to be called Mini Mitch at school and got changed to Mini)
Flee (Husband calls me this from time to time)

Three jobs I have had:
Nan's DIY shop when i was in my teens
Ernst & Young (current, had a few inbetween)

Three fave drinks:
Pepsi Max
Pina Colada (but a nice one)
Grape flavoured drink (you can only really get this in the states)

Three current fave TV shows:
Gossip Girl
Vampire Diaries

Three places I have been:
New York

Three places I want to visit:
Las Vegas

Three fave dishes:
Butter chicken
Chicken Thai fried rice
Chicken noodle soup

Three makeup products I could not live without:
Foundation (would not leave the house without that)

Three things I love to do:
Chillin on the beach
Playing in theme parks in Florida

I have reduced this down a bit from ThinkPinks blog but that is a small amount of info about meeeee......

Nails Inc - Lust haves

Allure Collection
This was the one I managed to order and have had my eyes on for ages. Lots of pretty pinky/red tones. Will post pics/review when it arrives :o)

Jet Set Collection
This one was lush when I saw it on the show but sold out really quickly. I am currently on a waitlist so fingers crossed i get mine. This pic does it no justice at all

Ice Cream Collection
This one that is out of stock and does not look like it is going to be in anytime soon. I know they have similar on the Nails Inc web site but I think if i manage to get the others then some of the colours will be repeated.

I got all these images from http://www.qvcuk.com/ where they have lots wicked kits at great prices. Check it out xxx

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Shopping Haul - May 2010

Ice cream necklace www.asos.com
I wanted one of these for a while and thought this was mega cute

Bling ring www.ebay.co.uk
As you will start to see I am a jewellery fanatic! I am very into my HUGE blingy cocktail rings. I bought this one from ebay and love it

Had to try the new TopShop make up range. All I bought was a blusher which looks incredibly scary close up (Pinch) as it is a shocking bright pink which my pic does not capture but actually goes on really nicely. Also bought a a rose ring from New Look in lilac

Could not find any nice going out tops so went back to good old www.asos.com and got this two tone basque. I may not keep this as it can make me look washed out. Played with a bit of fakey tonight so will see. Really like it though just need a tan. I also bought a corset type jumpsuit which is really nice but again am deciding if it is a keeper or not

Found this cute little playsuit in Primark only £5 BARGIN! Think it will be nice with wedges or with my gold River Island gladiators (see below)

This little top was from River Island. Really struggled to find things but loved this straight away.

I have wanted a maxi dress for ages and tried on loads but lots of them were kinda tent like. Found this one in Miss Selfridge and love the fit as it is flowy without being baggy
I loveeeeeeeeee this dress. I saw a girl in our town wearing it and thought it was a French Connection one or something similar. Anyway after lots of surfing which I have got very good at lol i found it on www.nacdesigns.co.uk and it was a bargin it was like £28. They were out of stock of the cream and when I wrote to them they were so helpful and told me when they had a cream back in stock. I have seen this on other sites as well but everyone was out of stock of the cream.

Again wanted these for ages, they are from River Island

Love these, wanted some cream peep toes for ages and found these babies in Miss Selfridge

Pic from my Bluewater shopping trip. As you can see this is not 12 hours worth (yes I was over there for 12 hours with my best mate. Saying that it did include Starbucks, lunch and dinner along with a play on a simulator had such a wicked day :o) x